Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Me a late blooming gadget buff and maximizing your old gadgets.

Filipinos love gadgets. We are recognized as a top texting capital in the world. Since most Filipino families have atleast an OFW relative, we always invest to buy a gadget as a means of communicating our relatives back home such as cellular phone , laptops and tablets. Most students have gadgets nowadays you name it, touchscreen phones, netbook and android phones. But why most of us are techies despite living in a 3rd world country and yet most of us will try to invest big in gadgets in a nation where most of our countrymen are living in below poverty level. Yes, I love gadgets and I am so passionate owning the one that I love and I don't care if it is brand new, outdated or a pre-owned, in Pinoy terms " Walang basagan ng trip!"

It was funny that I don't even own the latest technological toys. I never owned an Iphone 4s, Ipad 2 and the latest consoles such as Xbox 360 and PS3. What I've got are the "ancient" ones such as the Playstation Portable (PSP), Ipod Touch 2g and the venerated Playstation 2. I never got to own an Android phone too. So you wonder why I self declare as a gadget lover where I cannot even care to buy the latest ones in the market?I am one of a lucky few who prefers to squeeze my old gadgets to their true potential...Maximize the use!

The PSP, it is said that this toy was dead long ago now with the imminent arrival of the more advanced PS Vita. No more publishers are willing to make games for the PSP because of rampant piracy and an expert saying that Sony failed with this one. Sony sold more than 70 million PSP units so its not a failure right? Their new handheld called PS Vita is still 3 months away to become available to the public. Personally I still enjoyed my PSP still playing unfinished games like Grand Theft Auto Liberty City Stories and continues to feed it with the latest movies inside. In the age of high definition, I am still contented to view a 480p video in PSP so no worries here mate.

Playstation 2 is now a past generation console, it was the all-time best selling gadget of all-time and up to now it is still selling in a decent amount. I only got this 3 yrs ago and I am still happy to use this as a DVD player and oh man being a late bloomer I was looking forward to enjoy playing the 6 yr old Resident Evil 4 and the 4 yr old God of War II. Its not in HD but the gameplay is the bottomline here. PS3 can wait.

The Ipod Touch was probably the most annoying gadget purchase in my life. During my stay in Australia, I bought this 2008 T3 Gadget of the Year and I encountered replacing it not just twice but thrice because of faulty screen. Yes, Apple is the best tech company in the world and sh*t happens anyway, it was worth the effort, the Iphone without the phone features. I downloaded all the apps that I like, all the cutting edge games in the Itunes store. More than 170 apps downloaded and I still enjoyed them. The wifi of this machine is a thing of joy and despite having an outdated IOS 4.0 OS I can still play the console like IOS games Dead Space and Asphalt 6. Got very usable apps such as Dropbox, Twitter, Facebook and Evernote playing a major role in files storage and social networking as well. Truly a jack for all trades machine!

I also have a laptop which sports a decent specs for downloading, surfing and spreadsheeting needs. It serves as my mother gadget in syncing my data to or from other mobile devices.

In general, I realized that technology is so fast evolving, every year we see new models of technology from electronic giants releasing a more advance product prompting gadget geeks to upgrade buying these and removing their old ones. My gadgets are considered old most of them are 3-4 years in use but somehow I found my way to utilize them to their limit feeding it with the latest apps, mp3s, movies and games at their own capacity. Someday, these will all be really obsolete and will buy a more advance device in a year or two but for now I just take my time because after all its never too late to bloom as a tech savvy bloke!

Okay, time to log out and will sync some data.....


  1. RE4 is one of the best rpg in my book along with FF and MGS series, can't miss it, better than RE5. Gadgets come and go, so enjoying what you have is the best policy i guess lol.

  2. You are so right mach3. The bottomline is enjoying what you have at the moment. Next Gen consoles can wait. It was funny that Sony releases old PS2 classics in HD for Playstation 3 where I can relive these games to my old PS2 fat.